Education Support

For Families and Teaching Teams

Program Description

PREP offers support to educators and families through our Education Support services to ensure all stakeholders have the knowledge, resources, and capacity to create a successful learning environment for students with Down syndrome to thrive throughout their education careers. These include consultations, workshops, professional development, webinars, and resource development.  The Education Support Coordinator works directly with families and teaching teams through consultation, workshops, professional development, webinars, and resource development.


PREP’s Education Support Coordinator is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for consultations. To view our upcoming educator workshops, click here.


  • Webinars: free for educators
  • Customized professional development for schools:


  • To register for an upcoming webinar, please complete the associated registration form on our event page.
  • To discuss professional development opportunities at PREP, please contact our Education Support Coordinator (Natalie Pentney) at