Therapy Services

Program Description

PREP provides a range of one-on-one and small group therapy services to meet the individual needs of our members. This includes speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and behaviour therapy.

Members can book weekly, bi-weekly, or individual consultations with our team. 

  • Speech-Language Therapy: Our Speech Language Therapists adapt and modify strategies specially for children with Down syndrome. Speech Language Pathologists work with parents and school team members to encourage speech intelligibility, vocabulary and sentence building, sequencing, social communication, voice and fluency promotion, and overall language development to help students gain the skills to communicate effectively at home and in their community.  
  • Occupational Therapy: Many individuals with Down syndrome benefit from receiving individualized services and support from our registered Occupational Therapists. These supports can focus on maximizing independence with many meaningful daily activities, including self-care (eating, dressing, toileting, etc.), independent living skills (cooking, chores), play/recreational/leisure activities, and school activities or readiness skills (crafting, printing, keyboarding, attention and organizational skills, etc). Occupational therapists can also support individuals with sensory processing and regulation skills to help children maintain an appropriate level of alertness in a variety of environments to allow for maximal engagement in meaningful activities. 
  • Physiotherapy: PREP’s Physiotherapist works with children with Down syndrome to improve strength, balance, coordination, posture/ alignment and movement skills in order to increase independence and encourage participation in physical activity for life. Early intervention with our physical therapist can help your child develop to their full potential, maintain good health, and reduce the risk of future pain or injury. Physiotherapists can address specific gross motor goals for your child such as crawling, walking, running and jumping, but can also provide advice and strategies to achieve other health and fitness related goals. Physiotherapy sessions are individualized to meet each child and family’s specific needs.
  • Behaviour Therapy: Our Behaviour Therapist supports and consults on skill-acquisition across a variety of areas to create meaningful change and empowerment for the individual receiving services. Such areas include but are not limited to: functional communication, play, engagement, socialization, independence, daily living, daily routines, cooperation, task persistence, and emotional regulation. Similarly, Behaviour Therapists can work with families to change behavioural patterns and build skills in order to decrease a variety of ‘challenging’ behaviours.


Session times are available Monday – Friday from 9:15am – 4:15pm depending on therapist availability


  • Individual: $110/session 
  • Small group: $80/session


  • If you have any questions about therapeutic services at PREP, please contact the Cohort Coordinator for your child’s age group:
  • To register for therapeutic services, please click here to complete our registration form.