FSCD Program

Program Description

Family Centered

Our efforts are directed towards fostering the growth of the child as well as the health and development of the family.

Playing With Purpose

Play is the best method for children to learn, and our strategies emphasize how to encourage development while fostering practical life skills.

Stress-free FSCD Programming

PREP takes care of all the logistics so families can concentrate on assisting their child in reaching their developmental goals.

Government Support

The Behavioural & Developmental Supports (BDS) Program is financed by Family Support for Children with Disabilities, and PREP is an approved provider (FSCD). Programs offered by PREP BDS assist families with children ranging in age from six months to roughly twelve years.

PREP supports both the child’s growth and the health and development of the family unit by using a family-centered, play-based approach to our services. Up to two therapists may be involved in contracts; they will assess concerns, provide recommendations for approaches, and, where practical, interact directly with the child. Goal areas can be chosen to assist the family in the community and at home (i.e. grocery stores, libraries, places of workshop, etc.).

Specialized Services

Specialist services based on clinical judgement for kids six months to 12 years old.

A program called Specialized Services is created specifically to assist families and children with diverse medical needs. The trans-disciplinary approach enables the team to work cooperatively to satisfy the diverse needs of a child and their family by engaging therapists from up to four disciplines (as chosen by the FSCD MDT process). The domains of behaviour management, social interactions, communication, cognition, gross and fine motor development, mobility, and practical daily living skills are frequently addressed in goals.

PREP is proud to offer several in-home programs that are funded by the Government of Alberta’s Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program. To learn more about FSCD funding and the FSCD Programs PREP offers, please contact Roxane Schulte at rschulte@prepsociety.ca.