PREP’s 13th Annual Mother’s Day Retreat

We had PREP’s 13th Annual Mother’s Day Retreat on Saturday, May 6. It was a fantastic day honouring all the wonderful mothers!

We were able to tune into the memories and experiences that mattered to us most thanks to Jennifer Buchanan, founder of JB Music Therapy, and we learned the best ways to discover new music for a happy outlook. We received very valuable advice on how to create a playlist tailored to our individual self-care with music. We looked at useful exercises to help control mood swings throughout the day and discovered why it’s so important to look after ourselves while taking care of others.

The afternoon section of our event had Julie Kolodziej, a registered speech language pathologist, certified health and life coach giving us practical, easy-to-use skills to help us stop just surviving and start living more energising lives. It also taught us how to recognise the indicators of stress and burnout.

Of course, the chicks also showed up! Many thanks to everyone who attended and to Heritage Pointe Golf Course for hosting us!